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Acknowledging the challenges that Covid-19 has brought to so many businesses in the last 18 months, the performance for the Jonas Metals Group (of which Metalogic is a member)  has been quite remarkable.

This group of companies offering ERP software systems is expanding it’s national UK presence to Europe and now offers multiple locations across North America and Canada.

The move the company made to remote working, which started in 2006 has supported growth across the whole group and allowed “business as usual” even during the pandemic. However, our clients faced new challenges adapting to new ways of working, which we were able to assist either with remote implementation services or technical installations using cloud technologies. Despite the challenges ten new systems have been implemented across the US and UK since March 2020, this alongside upgrades to iMetal for existing customers.  

With continued demand we are expanding resources within Research & Development and Customer Services both within the US and the UK and have commenced a number of projects to add to the mobile apps we have developed, helping to reduce paperwork and improve data collection on the shop floor and streamline sales processes.  The integration of the Phocas Business Intelligence solution with these implementations means clients are seeing the benefits of improved access to the data in iMetal allowing faster decision making, critical in this ever changing world.

As the move to homeworking has significantly increased activities such as phishing, we have been working hard to ensure the already robust security within iMetal is taken to another level. Part of this has been helping clients migrate their infrastructure to the cloud  on AWS (Amazon Web Services).

The 99% uptime and remote access capabilities of this model has proved to be highly popular with clients recognising the benefits of increased security, resilience, speed and reduced investments in onsite hardware. 

Cyber Security
Improving security challenges with ECSC

 As part of this improvement we are currently working with ECSC. This leading company within the security sector will be auditing our current cyber security and certification requirements and they are also assessing ways of enhancing iMetal security and technical assets.

With increased resources in marketing we have been enhancing our product information, a sample of which can be viewed here.

We have continued to offer support to all our clients throughout the pandemic.  As an organisation that migrated to remote working over ten years ago, clients have realised the benefits of this consistent support that may have hampered other organisations.

If you are facing challenges, with remote working, looking to reduce paperwork or concerned about security then perhaps you could benefit from an audit from your local account manager. Please do get in touch here.

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