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What is iMetal?

It is a completely configurable Information processing and management system for all sizes of business that stock, distribute and process metal and plastic of any type.

It has a modular design that starts with Customer Contact management and ends with Cash collection and all steps in between.

iMetal is written by Metalogic Ltd as a true ‘Package’ System and is primarily designed to be implemented ‘Out of the Box’, but Developments and Modifications brought to us by our clients are always considered and frequently undertaken.

What IT equipment do I need to run iMetal on?

IMetal is written in Java the world’s leading development language. As such it will run on Windows, Mac or Linux clients and servers.  It also runs extremely well as a cloud-based system, with implementations serving users worldwide.

What are it's benefits?

By providing real time information and automating some processes it allows decisions to be made faster, saving value added time and money.

I am a small stockholder will it work for me?

We have clients with as little as three users who because iMetal has been developed as the best of breed systems for metal companies by some of the largest distributors in the industry have taken advantage of its high levels of functionality to save time and money.

I am a large multi company service center with processing, shop floor data and scheduling requirements will it work for me?

With some of the largest distribution organisations in the world using iMetal it can handle MRP type requirements but in a metal centric way. It allows companies to cost, plan resources and provides data interfaces to capture information real time. Keeping teams ahead of the competition.

What Products can iMetal be used for?

All metals from Aluminium to Titanium including all ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys. iMetal is currently also used for Plastics, Composites, Paper, Wood and Glass and other types of resistant materials as well as Engineering Products, such as Fasteners, Flanges and Fittings.

iMetal also handles products as diverse as: Liquids (paints and fuels), Safety Equipment/Clothing and Packaging materials.

Indeed we have yet to find a Product that iMetal cannot handle.

How is iMetal implemented?

Metalogic will handle all aspects of the implementation including;

  • Reviewing hardware and provision of any new hardware required.
  • Reviewing networks and upgrading as required.
  • Review of Business and Financial Processes
  • Core Team (Train the Trainer) or Full User Training
  • Data Migration from Legacy Systems
  • Go Live and Post Go Live Support
  • Ongoing System Support

Metalogic offer a flexible approach to Implementation and will utilise the clients own internal resources where available, but provide experienced personnel when required.

Why should I choose iMetal for my Business?

iMetal works!  It is designed by individuals with extensive experience gained from working in  metals manufacturing, processing and distribution businesses.

Metalogic staff not only have the IT knowledge that you would expect, but all our customer facing team members have many years’ supplying the metal sector with functionally specific software. Our consultants are focused on delivering results with the minimum of cost and the maximum attention to detail ensuring you get a return on your investment not just a good looking set of screens.

Please contact Metalogic Ltd  for our further information and client references.

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