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The Metals Industry Management Information System. In the rapidly changing world of the metal service centre, it is essential companies maintain a competitive advantage. As an industry specific package, designed to fit its diverse and competitive user base, iMetal can provide this advantage by maximising commercial opportunity while minimising administrative and business costs.

iMetal Scan+

Information is of vital importance to the modern business, and with customers and staff demanding quicker and faster services, you can’t afford for it to be inaccessible. iMetalScan is the perfect solution to providing fast and secure access to your valuable information, both internally and externally, no matter how large or small your organisation or document demand.

iMetal Scan AI

An advanced development of iMetalScan – iMetalScanAI – has been integrated with iMetalForms, Metalogic’s Advanced Document Creation and Distribution System to allow any documents to self index when scanned.

iMetal Forms

iMetalForms Documents are created in Adobe PDF Format, an industry standard for creating high quality documents for delivery either in hardcopy or electronic format.

iMetal Server

iMetalServer is an e-commerce solution designed by Metalogic to automate transactions between customers and suppliers throughout the supply chain.

iMetal Market CRM

The most precious resource for any company is its customer base. The cost of winning new customers is high and the cost of losing a good customer can be even higher, so in today’s increasingly competitive market, retaining your customers, whilst delivering them a first class service, is essential.

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