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iMetal Scan+

Integrated Electronic Document Scanning, Storage and Retrieval

Information is of vital importance to the modern business, and with customers and staff demanding access to information via multiple platforms providing quicker and faster services, you can’t afford for it to be inaccessible. iMetalScan+ is the perfect solution to providing fast and secure access to your valuable information, both internally and externally, no matter how large or small your organisation or document demand.

iMetalScan+ is a fully scaleable, high performance, internet-based document management solution. Although originally designed as a fully integrated module of Metalogic’s iMetal Integrated Metals Industry Management System, it can be integrated with existing ERP or other data base applications or used as a stand alone solution.

iMetalScan+ turns your existing PC or network into a fully functional electronic filing system to manage all documents whether received as paper hard copies or in a range of electronic formats.

iMetalScan+ can

  • store images as tiff, png, jpg, bmp, pdf or gif
  • link images to IMetal data (e.g. Stock Items, Customers, Suppliers, Sales Items, etc)
  • view Test Certificates, POD, Other scanned documents directly from within iMetal
  • select files from local directories as well as server file systems
  • offer additional image management options such as annotations.

In addition it can be integrated with your stock and transport systems to enable automatic retrieval of Test Certificates when material is dispatched. These can be forwarded via internet or traditional methods.

Further information about the main functions provided by iMetalScan+ and it’s integrated modules can be found in our blog or give the sales team a call who will be happy to talk through how iMetalScan+ can save you time and improve your net revenue.

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