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IT Crash? We’ll get you off the ground again…

In the wake of the recent chaotic disruption of British Airways IT systems and the increased risks to your online security from global cyber criminals the need to ensure reliable safe backups have never been more important.

Metalogic offer a number of cost effective solutions which includes allowing data to be backed up offsite to a secure Cloud location or providing a full remote system that can be accessed in the event of a disaster disabling your system.

Companies of all sizes are now implementing cloud solutions as they realise the prohibitive cost of losing their IT structure – even for only a few hours.

Options include:

  • Off site back up
  • Inflatable backup recovery – this means your data is compressed and kept off site and only activated if needed meaning you only pay for what you need
  • Data permanently held off site that can be accessed in case of emergencies.

Any of these options offer the peace of mind of real time online business continuity service 24/7 when you can be switched to a duplicate system.

Read here how Metalogic came to the aid of one client when natural disaster struck……

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