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1.   The product concerned is “certain corrosion resistant steels” (CRS) originating in the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

2.  These are flat-rolled products of iron or alloy steel or non-alloy steel; aluminium killed; plated or coated by hot dip galvanization with zinc and/or with aluminium, and no other metal; chemically passivated; containing by weight: 0.015% or more but not more than 0.170% of carbon, 0.015% or more but not more than 0.100% of aluminium, not more than 0.045% of niobium, not more than 0.010% of titanium and not more than 0.010% of vanadium; presented in coils, cut-to-length sheets and narrow strips.

3.  The following products are excluded:
• of stainless steel, of silicon-electrical steel, and of high-speed steel;
• not further worked than hot-rolled or cold-rolled (cold-reduced).

4.  The product concerned is currently falling within the following CN codes: (i) for flat-rolled products of iron and non-alloy steel, ex 7210 41 00, ex 7210 49 00, ex 7210 61 00, ex 7210 69 00, ex 7212 30 00, ex 7212 50 61 and ex 7212 50 69; (ii) for flat-rolled products of alloy steel of a width of 600mm or more, ex 7225 92 00 and ex 7225 99 00; and (iii) for flat-rolled products of alloy steel of a width of less than 600mm, ex 7226 99 30 and ex 7226 99 70.


5.  Standing: this complaint is brought by The European Steel Association (Eurofer) on behalf of the complainant Union producers of CRS products, and supported by overwhelming majority of the EU CRS producers (over 80%).
6.  Dumping: the imports from China were dumped by considerable margins, around 50% in the complaint IP (Q3 2015 – Q2 2016).
7.  Imports: imports from China surged, just as the EU profitability decreased and Union Industry started to suffer worsening losses. The imports in the IP were 40% higher than those in 2014. Chinese imports have more than doubled since 2013.
8.  Underselling: the prices of the imports fell in the same period, underselling the Complainants by almost 40% in the IP.
9.  Injury: the complainant EU CRS industry is suffering material injury, and is faced with further material injury due to the surging dumped imports unless measures are imposed. The long term trends reflect the Complainant EU CRS Industry’s deteriorating situation in the IP.
10. Union Interest: anti-dumping measures on CRS products from China are in the Union interest. Anti-dumping measures would restore fair competition in the EU and would ensure that end users have a long-term and reliable source of supply. Measures would not result in short supplies, because (a) Chinese imports could continue to enter the EU (on a fairly traded basis) and (b) there is sufficient capacity in the EU and in third countries to cover any shortfall. Absent anti-dumping measures, the Complainants may ultimately be forced to curtail production, limit investments, and lay off workers the surge in dumped Chinese imports continues. In this regard, it is notable that each job lost in the steel sector means (at least) a further four jobs lost in industries directly dependent upon it for business.


 The Complainants
11. The Complainants are: ArcelorMittal Poland S.A., ArcelorMittal Romania, ArcelorMittal Belgium, ArcelorMittal France, ArcelorMittal Germany, ArcelorMittal Italy, ArcelorMittal Spain, Tata Steel Netherlands, Tata Steel UK, Voestalpine and Salzgitter AG.

The Exporting Producers

12. The Exporting producers in China are: Benxi Iron & Steel (Group) Co. Ltd, Panzhihua Iron & Steel (Group) Co., Shanghai Baosteel Group Corp., Shunde Posco Coated Steel (Shunpo), Tangshan Iron & Steel Group Co. Ltd, Wuhan Iron & Steel (Group) Corp, Zhanjigang Pohang Stainless Steel Co. Ltd., TAGAL, Baotou Steel Union, LNM Yingkou, Guangzhou JFE Steel Sheet, Bayi Iron & Steel Co., Changshu Everbright Material Technology, Guanggang Steel Group/JFE Holdings (Guangzhou JFE Steel Sheet Co. LTD(GJSS)), Gunsan Iron & Steel Co., Handan Iron & Steel Co., Maanshan Iron Sc Steel Co., Union Steel China, Yieh Phui Enterprise Co., YIEH PHUI (CHINA), Changshu Huaye Strip, Huamei Flat Company, Jiuquan Iron & Steel, Shougang.

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