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West Midlands Steel Suppliers at risk from Fraudsters

QBE Insurance Group has brought to the attention of NASS members a spate of frauds which appear to be targeting Steel suppliers largely based in the West Midlands.

The Fraudsters are contacting suppliers via email or phone pretending to be a legitimate company, (See Herbert Glenn website link below). The email will seemingly be from a legitimate company and a website address may also be provided alongside contact number etc.. QBE clients are then applying for a credit limit on the legitimate company, potentially receiving an endorsement (as the profile of the legitimate co warrants it), yet the fraudsters turn up to collect the goods and disappear.

The underlying legitimate company has no idea of this occurring. Things to watch out for with any ‘new enquiries’ therefore are:

  • A contact name you have not heard from before
  • Not being able to contact the business by phone, but then receiving a call back from them shortly after your call
  • Websites that are not searchable on Google but can be accessed when you type in the exact address given by the fraudsters
  • Any websites with ©2016 at the base of the front page
  • The contacts section of the website – check them for pictures of famous people for example the key contacts on the Herbert Glenn website who use an image of a Westlife member!

Please contact the NASS office if you have had any similar experiences or you would like more information.


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