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Capital Coated Steel maximise their iMetal data with Phocas

When Simon Nurse Head of Works at Capital Coated Steel was invited by Metalogic to a demonstration by Phocas Software this self-proclaimed data enthusiast had no idea he would find what he didn’t know he was looking for!

The software recommendation came at a crucial time for Capital CS as the pandemic required the business to rethink and reshape their operations to maintain the high level of customer service, they pride themselves on.  Critical insights were essential if this distributor was to remain agile amidst an increasingly turbulent global market.

Read more on this blog from Phocas how real time data enabled CCS to react faster to a changing situation.

If you would like to unlock the power of data in your iMetal ERP click the link below to learn more and view the Phocas + Metalogic Webinar.

‘Top 5 sales KPI’s for the metal industry’

Top 5 Sales KPI's in the Metal Industry


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