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I S & G Steel use e-documents to deliver time and money savings

I S & G Steel Stockholders have been serving the Construction and Engineering sector from their 3 sites in the south east of England for over 80 years.

With their extensive range of General Steel products and Engineering Supplies, supported by unequalled experience and expertise from a workforce of over 100 personnel, I S & G are able to provide a responsive and high quality service to their many customers.

IS & G Steel
80 years and still going strong!

A client for over 15 years, when their ageing, mechanical document folder/envelope inserter and franking machine became too expensive to maintain, I S & G looked to Metalogic to provide a solution for the delivery of invoices and statements to their 2000 customers.

In 2015 the EMS eDocument system was installed by Metalogic and now over 50% of invoices and statements are delivered in secure PDF format by email. This has reduced postage costs alone by £400 per month, as well as further savings in terms of manpower, stationary and equipment maintenance costs.

IS& G Today

In addition to the cost and time saving, I S & G have seen a significantly improved payment performance due to the speed at which invoices are delivered and a reduction of ‘I didn’t receive your invoice’ stories.

Peter Marquez – Finance Manager –  “EMS has delivered real benefits to the business in terms time and money saved, as well  as cash collected, and has enhanced the professional image of I S & G to our customers”

More and more customers are accepting invoices and statements via email and as the proportion of these increases, as it inevitably will, I S & G can look forward to doubling their cost savings.

For those customers who remain unable to receive email invoices, high quality printed documents are still available, but are printed on plain paper to reduce further the costs for pre-formatted forms. And as all documents from EMS are indexed, stored  and backed up electronically, the manpower required for document handling has reduced massively.

Alan Leigh – Managing Director –   “In the future we will be delivering all of our documents via EMS, the advantages of being able to email Purchase Orders, Quotations, Sales Order Acknowledgements and Test Certificates via email, more quickly and at no cost, are all too evident.”

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