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Edinburgh Marathon

John Padbury our Marathon Man in the Long Run Against Cancer.

John has run no less than 15 marathons including the famous Three marathons in Three days in Three countries – Wales, Box Hill UK and  Dublin Ireland.  John achieved his personal best at the 2010 London Marathon target with a time of 2 hours 58 min.


Having lost co-workers including Steve Lockwood and more recently Steve Powderly to the devastating effects of cancer. The motivation to help is always with us. “This year I was inspired by the work of our colleague Mark Beard who did an epic walk to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK”. So I wanted to build on this accomplishment and raise some money for charity. 


“Marathons are tough – they are just on the edge of what your body can do” and having overcome  a few operations he wanted to do another marathon.

Edinburgh Marathon was attractive as it starts at the city center and runs through all of the very scenic areas and you descend upon the estuary and run along the seafront which is fairly flat as you run to Portobello then you double back along the coast and finish along the seafront. 

Joined by his group of running friends and at the last minute by his daughter Bethan. Who was interested in running her first ½ marathon which was fantastic according to John.  So on May 28, 2023 – They ran the Edinburgh Marathon and were able to raise over 700 pounds for Prostate Cancer UK. “We are proud of our collective contributions that Jonas Metals Software has made as a group”.

John is no stranger when it comes to charity fundraising. Having raised money for Cancer UK with the Hadrian’s Wall Coast to Coast 87 mile run. In 2017 One of his most exciting events was the Charity Walk along the Pennine Way, the 268 mile journey down the spine of England which was a grueling multi-day event running over 35 miles every day and was able to raise over 2500 pounds for charity. John noted that many of these events could not be possible without the support of friends and meeting me at random places in the middle of nowhere.


As Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Jonas Metals Software, John has continuous service of over 30 years with Metalogic since its inception including its predecessor Beacon Software. The history of which is a colorful story for another time.

Over the last few years we have been raising money. As part of the Jonas Software at our annual JABA event each business would select and nominate a charity we would sponsor for the year. Important groups like CALM (Campaign for living miserably). Which runs a free, confidential helpline offering help to anyone who is struggling or in crisis. This year each of the business units selects their own charity to sponsor and raise money for.

John took a moment and thoughtfully commented: 

”I have been really pleased by our initiative that was started with our Jonas – JABA event and a part of that was to look at and focus on charitable work. Which has now developed and grown even further to include sustainability. This focus on the ethics of our business and what we do as a group is something that I am very pleased about and is a very positive part of the changes that are taking place at Jonas Software”.

Thank you John for your commitment to Jonas Metals Software – which goes far beyond normal working hours. Please Note: For your donations, the giving page will remain open if anyone would like to contribute.

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