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iMetal customers access fast reporting through a new business intelligence partnership

A new partnership with Metalogic (part of the Jonas Metals Group) and Phocas business intelligence will help metal manufacturers, processors and distributors get the most from their data and maximise their investment in their iMetal ERP solution.  

Phocas Data Software

Metalogic is the major supplier of specialist software to the metals market in the UK, and Europe and Phocas is a data and financial analytics software provider, servicing the specific needs of manufacturing and distribution businesses globally.  The two companies are a great match as the software integrates seamlessly together, and both have industry-specific expertise. 

Decision-makers need to be able to access consolidated data sources quickly so they can determine the effect of operational decisions on financial performance and address the needs of customers. 

 iMetal customers expect the best selection of tried and tested software to extend the functionality of their ERP system. Phocas is a good fit for iMetal customers with more than 20 years’ experience solving the data problems of manufacturers and distributors. 

Phocas business intelligence software has dashboards, databases and metrics ready to populate for new users. The intuitive user interface of Phocas makes understanding data simpler from identifying cost savings and growing margins, to optimising processes and reporting

 For more information about the partnership and to view the on demand recording click here. 

How to harness the critical asset of metal manufacturers, processors and distributors: data  

BI and analytics strategies are more important to businesses’ daily operations today than ever before. Why? Decision-makers need access to accurate information to maintain business continuity as well as understand the implication of operational decisions on financial performance in real-time. That’s before you get to improving efficiencies, finding new revenue streams, optimising supply chains and reducing expenses.  

 The new partnership between Jonas Metals (Metalogic) and Phocas business intelligence will help iMetal ERP customers to gain maximum value from their data. Using iMetal plus Phocas business intelligence, metal manufacturers and distributors can develop new strategies to stay competitive, support healthy decision-making and be on top of business performance. 

 John Padbury, the General Manager of Jonas Metals (Metalogic) UK helped establish the partnership between the two software companies. 

“Phocas is a good fit for our customers and software. It’s an established global business intelligence solution that is simple to use, allowing users to report on iMetal data and create their own dashboards without the need for assistance,”  said Padbury. “We wanted an out-of-the-box solution for customers. Phocas can deliver this as well bringing valuable industry knowledge. Phocas has a strong track record servicing industry-specific ERPs.” 

In a recent study of BI users, Phocas business intelligence had the highest adoption rate across a business, which means many people within a company use the software. Phocas works through the creation of specific databases from the ERP data such as sales, purchasing or finance, which continue to refresh whenever the ERP data changes. People can choose to analyse specific parts of the business or the entire operations. Many companies also add external data sources into Phocas such as call centre information or Google analytics, so Phocas acts as the single source of truth of all company-wide information. 

Jason Bradshaw from Phocas Business Intelligence is the data analytics expert assigned to iMetal customers and will be working alongside Jonas Metals (Metalogic) UK to help educate customers about the new analytics and reporting tool. 

 Bradshaw says “Phocas builds software with a strong commitment in mind — to ensure the software is easy to use —and to make people feel good about their data.  Phocas appreciates the opportunity to partner with a trusted ERP supplier like Jonas Metals (Metalogic) and help its customers get the most from their technology investments.” 

To commence the partnership between the two software providers, they will jointly host a webinar for iMetal customers to learn more about Phocas data analytics. The session is called: Empower your business with company-wide analytics 

 Join Metalogic and Phocas Software to find out how we can help you to: 

  • seamlessly integrate Phocas with your existing iMetal ERP solution
  • consolidate your data into a single source of truth
  • provide automated, interactive, and real-time dashboard reports
  • create relevant KPI views for key staff to drive decision-making
  • uncover automated consolidation and presentation of your financial month end reports
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