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JMS Enters the 2022 Jonas Annual Innovation Awards with iMetal’s Mobile Warehousing/Processing Module

Innovation should be encouraged, and no idea is a bad idea.

Suggestions for improvements can come from any area of a business as well as your existing customer base (who else knows what they want better than the customers themselves). At Jonas Metals, we are constantly pushing to develop our product to continuously improve the functionality and user experience to keep up with the ever-changing requirements of the metals industry. This drive for innovation is shared and actively encouraged within the wider Jonas group and this year, JMS entered our mobile warehousing module for the Jonas Annual Innovation Award. Whilst we don’t want to sound too optimistic at this early stage, after the first round of voting we are currently in first place for the award at our group’s annual business awards which will be held on January 27th, 2023. We will provide an update once the results are in.

What’s Already Finished: 

iMetal v4.5 has been released already and included features such as stock item enquiry and printing stock item labels.


What’s to Come: 

The iMetal Mobile Roadmap teases a number of features for iMetal clients, and other such innovators, to look forward to.

  • Picking and moving stock items
    • Picking and moving stock items to the workcenters
    • Picking and moving stock items for transport
  • Live stock take recording
  • Stock adjustments
    • Stock item detail update – quantity/weight
    • Adding comments
  • Stock location update
    • Updating the location entry for a scanned stock item 
    • Updating the stock location of the stock items as the location they are scanned
  • Picking and moving enhancements
    • Picking for order delivery and transports 
    • Picking and moving Goods Inwards items to their locations
  • Stock take enhancements
    • Splitting stock items
    • Flagging stock take entries with issues for supervisor reviews
    • Adding comments and images
  • Stock adjustments
    • Adding images for the items
  • Confirming the production operations
    • Job search, selection and assignment
    • Registering outputs pieces, quantities and weight
    • Operation completions
    • Logging process times
  • Printing shipping labels
  • Confirming Bill of Lading and Manifests
    • Picking based on Bill of Lading
    • Viewing stock item details
    • Comparing and validating what’s been loaded on trucks against the BoLs/manifests
  • Picking and moving enhancements
    • Viewing picking lists 
    • Filtering items in picking lists by bay, location, warehouse, grade, and thickness
    • Adding and removing items from the picking list
    • Searching alternatives for a stock item to pick
    • Handling items for outside processing
  • Job lists for operators
    • Operators to view jobs assigned to them
    • Operators to take on jobs from the job queue for the day
    • Production supervisors to assign jobs to the operators
  • Role based dashboards as Home page
    • Operational dashboards for operators (shop-floor/workcenter, picking)
    • Dashboards for transport planners
    • Dashboards for production supervisors
    • Dashboards for executives
  • Enhancements for BoL validations
    • Comparing ordered and delivered weights
    • Releasing or blocking despatch notes for invoicing based in BoL/manifest validations
  • Enhancements for production confirmations
  • Enhancements for Goods Inwards validations

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