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Phocas Software’s Integration with iMetal Brings Business Intelligence Front and Center with Ease

The importance of strong business intelligence and useful metrics has become increasingly evident. If utilised well, data visualisation can bring great success to your business. The difficulty lies in finding out how to report the data in a way that everyone will be able to understand it. 

Lucky for us, our partners at Phocas Software have integrated their business intelligence programme with iMetal to analyse, visualise, and report your company’s data so you don’t have to! 

“Metalogic and Phocas partnership brings iMetal customers fast ERP reporting”


Phocas makes software for data and financial analytics, specifically for the distribution and manufacturing industries. Of course Phocas and iMetal are a natural fit and together they can provide high-quality reports and data that are perfect for steel service centres. iMetal customers can use Phocas to easily access the data they need, track their performance, view financial statements, build budgets, use forecasts, and ultimately save time

“Finance and operations spend over 50% of their time gathering data from spreadsheets, ERP systems or third-party systems.” – McKinsey Company

Don’t waste your time debating on the best way to report your data. Let Phocas and iMetal give you the data you need so all you need to do is act on it. 

Contact the JMS Sales team for more information on how the Phocas BI and iMetal integration can help you.

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