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Consultancy Services That Deliver

In addition to our Metals Industry specific Core Systems and Advanced Functionality Modules, Metalogic offers a full range of ICT Consultancy Services to all Metals Industry Clients.

Metalogic Consultants are always focused on delivering results with the minimum of cost and the maximum attention to detail, and are equipped with the relevant metals, business or technical qualifications and experience to ensure that all parties have a full understanding of your issues and requirements.

We involve and liaise with our Clients and their partner businesses and any third party agents to effectively manage the delivery of our Consultancy Service’s and you can rest assured that Metalogic will deliver the optimum solutions to your problems.

Unequalled Industry Experience

Our unique experience and expertise in every sector of the metals industry has been built from over 30 years of working in the metals manufacturing, processing and distribution world. Within the staff of Metalogic is invested over 200 man years of metals industry experience from within metals mills and service centres.

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