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NASS Golf Outing

On July 21st, JMS’ Jon Fox and Nigel Johnson teamed up with Mark Bradford (SteelStock) and Gary Peters (Leengate) as they headed off to Breadsall Priory Hotel & Country Club for a spot of golf. 

Racing across the course in their buggies they managed to win the Best 2 from 4 Team Competition with 44 points. Gary Peters took home the Nearest the Pin Hole 6 Sponsored by Tokio Marine.

After what must have been a very good lunch, our hotshot clients brought home yet more trophies with Gary Peters taking 3rd Place in the individual Stableford and Mark Bradford winning the Hidden Challenge Sponsored by AON. 


For more information on the golf outing and scoring, visit the NASS’ write-up here!

Images courtesy of NASS

Drilltech UAE Adopts iMetal ERP System and Realises Immediate Growth and New Opportunities

Drilltech UAE – A Bit of Background

Drilltech UAE (Drilltech Oilfield Equipment Manufacturing and Services LLC) is a premier provider of oil field engineering solutions with locations in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. It is owned by the AJ Al Asmawi Group of Companies, one of the largest business conglomerates in the region

“Through the last 50 years, AJ Al Asmawi Group has developed lucrative projects and ventures in Dubai’s bustling, modern business eco-system. We strive to provide service excellence and a unique experience to all clients through our professional and passionate teams” 

AJ Al Asmawi Group

Drilltech isn’t just your typical steel stockholder. They also offer detailed CNC machining of products created from speciality metals and sourced from mills and local stockholders. The material that Drilltech manufactures and sells is a bit more intricate than the standard angle, channel, or beam that many in the metals industry are familiar with. Due to the intricacy of these products and the importance of consistency, quality control is crucial to Drilltech. Their commitment to their quality policy is highlighted on their website and it is clear that they take pride in the quality of their work and their commitment to improvement. Drilltech was in need of a system that was not just reliable and accurate when it came to tracking materials, specifications, and certifications across their entire inventory, but a system that would also provide useful reporting for every stage of the process.

Enter iMetal – Provider of Solutions

The original reason Drilltech decided to install iMetal was because of the easy traceability. iMetal’s precision accurate data recording gave Drilltech the ability to track the status of each and every order without needing to rely on any single department in the process. iMetal’s reporting proved to be even more helpful than they had originally hoped. With iMetal’s expansive reporting, Drilltech is able to monitor their entire production process with ease, allowing the team to identify issues or delays immediately and resolve them before they can further escalate.

Drilltech emphasised that they needed a system as soon as possible and the JMS team rose to the challenge. From conception to Go-Live, the implementation and training of iMetal took about 8 weeks. This included three weeks of on-site training provided by the JMS support team.

Mark Beard, an experienced Jonas Metals Software consultant and iMetal specialist was on site for the implementation and worked with Drilltech’s team to design the system to be tailored to their needs. For the final end-user training, Mark and the Drilltech team were joined by another member of JMS, professional services manager Nigel Johnson. Mark and Nigel made a great team and helped get Drilltech familiar with iMetal within the target go-live range. 

Tarek Oudeh, GM of the Dubai plant, was a bit astonished to see how much of a change iMetal could make for Drilltech and how quickly those changes were realised. 

“I believe this is very useful in retrieving order information at any stage without relying on a specific process team. Tracking status is also very useful for planning upcoming tasks even before releasing an order. Delays are reduced, and public awareness of a released order is increased. It is extremely useful for developing a proper process plan because it displays the load on each and every machine in the facility, as well as the tasks scheduled in them on a date-by-date basis.”

Tarek Oudeh

To Tarek, the most important feature of iMetal is report generation. By holding each member of the team accountable for updating their processes to reports, communication and teamwork have become focal points of their success. 

The JMS Team is elated to partner with such an intelligent and hard-working organisation as Drilltech UAE to provide practical software solutions that make an immediate difference. With the iMetal platform now implemented in sites across the UK, North America, and the Middle East, JMS is proud of its growth. We only hope that our next opportunity is to offer our software solutions to you!

Product Management Process

Starting from iMetal version 4.5, Jonas Metals Software will introduce new approaches in product and release management within the organisation.

While increasing the size of the product development team, JMS has brought in agile development and release management practices. The objectives are to:

One of the main changes in the processes is the selection of new features and enhancements for the next release. The product management team will determine the scope for the next release by working with our customers, both internal and external. The selection process takes an economic view of the requirements such as the benefit of the feature to the customers, its value to the overall product and its scale of investment, and the market view. Strict change management processes will be in place for the release scope change requests. 

Another change is in the number of releases per year. JMS/Metalogic will release two major versions in six months, one in April and the other one in October, which are called General Availability releases (GA Release). Major releases, or GA releases, will contain new features, enhancements and improvements. Besides major releases, there will be release updates for the supported iMetal versions each month. Release updates will only contain the fixes for the issues reported by the customers and internally, and improvements, however no new features or enhancements will be included in the release updates.

One month before each GA release in April and October, a Beta Testing Programme will start. In the Beta Testing Programme (BTP), the participating customers will be able to see and experience the new features and enhancements. The objective is that the customers participating in the BTP should upgrade to the new version shortly after the GA release is published. 

JMS/Metalogic will start the recruitment process for the upcoming BTP for each release by contacting customers and informing them about the BTP. The product management team will formally invite the customers who are willing to participate in the BTP programme.

Each release will come with a release note document, in which all the changes made in the software since the last version are reported. Therefore, it is recommended to review the release notes before planning to upgrade to a major version or apply the release update.

The release document will also contain the section “What’s New” where all the new features and enhancements are briefly described. Where possible, short introductory recordings for the new features and enhancements will also be shared as part of the installation.

In order to plan, schedule and manage the product development and release cycles, and manage the issues reported by our customers, JMS/Metalogic has invested in and implemented the best products in the market.   

JMS/Metalogic has a continuous learning culture and pursues relentless improvement in the product development, release and support areas.

Come Visit Us at the UK Metals Expo – September 14-15, 2022

Save the date!

On the 14th and 15th of September, we are excited to be attending The UK Metals Expo at the NEC in Birmingham, UK.

This free-to-attend expo is new this year and aims to assemble the UK Metals Industry to:

–  foster relationships and maximise opportunities between the design, engineering, manufacturing, and infrastructure supply chains;

–  advance education, share best practice and accelerate innovation throughout our community;

– place the Metals Industry at the heart of any future circular economy;

– showcase the best in class solutions across the whole supply chain.

– UK Metals Expo


This event will be a phenomenal networking opportunity for any member of the steel industry. Nearly a hundred speakers from some of the industry’s most distinguished organisations are scheduled to speak at the expo. With the tremendous gathering of exhibitors and speakers, it’s sure to deliver a great learning experience for all.


And did we mention that attendance is FREE?


Click here to claim your free ticket and come find us in lot J48!

United States Officially Ends Most Section 232 For UK And Suspends Penalties On Ukrainian Products

On Wednesday, June 1, the United States officially ended Section 232 steel and aluminum tariffs for most products coming from the United Kingdom. The Biden administration’s temporary, one-year suspension of the Section 232 duties on steel products from Ukraine also took effect the same day.

As Connecting the Dots reported previously, in March U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo and U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai announced an agreement with the British government to replace the penalties with a system of tariff-rate quotas, or TRQs.

The agreement, which went into effect June 1:

Read the White House proclamation here. Read the announcement from the British government here.

Story via MSCI
Image courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

Geoff Kendell’s 100 Mile Bike Journey for Amnesty International

On Sunday, the 29th of May, Metalogic’s Geoff Kendell will take to the road on a 100 mile bike ride! Geoff estimates that this trip will burn 5,000 calories!

Why would Geoff put himself through all of this?!

The purpose of Geoff’s trip is to raise money for Amnesty International. Stephen Powderley, our late friend and colleague, nominated Amnesty International at his funeral. To honor Stephen and to raise money for a great cause, Geoff has dedicated his biking journey to Amnesty International.

Please join us in supporting a worthy cause by visiting Geoff’s Just Giving Page below!

Geoff’s Just Giving Page

Image courtesy of Christian Lue via Unsplash

100 Push-Ups a Day in May for Cancer Research

Throughout the month of May, Metalogic’s very own John Padbury has taken on a challenge to perform 100 push-ups a day.

This challenge has been more than a fitness journey to John – in fact, this push-up challenge serves as a fundraiser for Cancer Research UK. After the tragic loss of our dear friend and colleague Stephen Powderley after his battle with cancer, this fundraiser means the world to John and to the Metalogic team.

To see more about John’s challenge, or to donate to the fundraiser, please visit John’s Giving Page below!


John’s Giving Page

Steelmakers to Benefit as EU Moves to Drop Barriers to Imports From Ukraine

The suspension of duties on imports of Ukrainian products won approval in a European Parliament session May 19, with the measure next needing to be endorsed by the European Council for it to take effect, a European Commission spokesperson told S&P Global Commodity Insights.

Final approval is expected during the next Foreign Affairs Council meeting in early June, according to the spokesperson.

To help boost war-ravaged Ukraine’s exports to the EU, the European Commission proposed April 27 suspending for one year its import duties on all Ukrainian exports to the bloc, including on Ukraine’s major revenue item — steel.

The move would see the suspension of all EU anti-dumping and safeguard measures in place on Ukrainian steel, as well as the drop of all rolled steel product-specific quotas, which Ukraine has had to pay 25% customs charges for exceeding, in line with the existing system that full trade liberalization is coming to temporarily replace.

In theory, the biggest effect from the lapse of duties and quotas should be on the exports of hot-rolled coil, or HRC, and plate, as the EU removes the Eur 60.5/mt antidumping duty on Ukraine’s HRC, and drops the quota for plate, which allows the export of 1 million mt/year, the equivalent of roughly a third of the 2.8 million-2.9 million mt/year plate output by Metinvest. However, that total was before Feb. 24, when Russia attacked Ukraine.

Unlikely to fully take advantage of move

Now, with Metinvest’s two major steelworks — Ilyich and Azovstal — remaining disabled indefinitely in Mariupol, the scene of intense fighting, and other mills in the country that have resumed operations still somewhat hamstrung by difficulties with inbound and outbound freight, Ukrainian industry looks too scarred by the war to use the duty-free regime to the maximum.

As a result of the war and production stoppages, Metinvest’s steel output, at 1.96 million mt in the January-March quarter, dropped by 25% on the quarter, with most of this made before the war.

In early April, Ukraine’s major long rolled steel producer, ArcelorMittal Kryviy Rih put back into operation one of its four blast furnaces, all halted in late February. It is gradually ramping up operations but still has little to sell.

“Our production has been on hold for most of the first quarter,” said a spokeswoman for ArcelorMittal Kryviy Rih, which in 2021 accounted for 23% (4.9 million mt) of Ukraine’s steel production.

“We do export exclusively to the EU, because we are cut off from other markets by broken logistics, and because we are linked to the EU by the railway, but everything we managed to ship in January-March were small batches of remaining inventories and iron ore concentrate,” she said, adding that these sales are burdened with long lead times and high delivery costs.

“EU import quotas allow duty-free imports of steel products in volumes equal to our average annual imports,” the spokeswoman said, and the EU has recently even increased the quota for Ukrainian mills via redistributing the volumes of steel imports from Russia and Belarus that the block banned as part of sanction, she added.

Significant help for Ukrainian steelmakers

The blockade by Russia of Ukraine’s sea ports and Ukraine’s severely depressed current demand for steel has left the nation depending effectively on only one market — the EU — so lifting these barriers is without doubt a big aid for struggling Ukrainian steelmakers.

And 4 million mt/year hot- and cold-rolled coil and sheet producer Zaporizhstal, 49.99% owned by Metinvest, seems to be in a stronger position to make the most of the scrapped duties and quotas. Since its restart 1.5 months ago it has already exceeded 50% of its full capacity.

Metinvest’s fully owned billet and long rolled steel producer, Kamet Steel in Kamianske, in the Dnipropetrovsk region, is another one to benefit right away; in Q1, it increased output to 607,000 mt, with a good part of this shipped as billet for further processing to Bulgarian sections and bar mill Promet, also part of Metinvest. Billet exports are not quota-regulated, but removing quotas from Kamet’s rolls should help maximize their sales.

The US suspended the Section 232 25% tariffs May 9 on steel imports from Ukraine for one year, amounting to partial relief because of a few product-specific duties staying in place.

Story courtesy of Ekaterina Bouckley and Annalisa Villa – S&P Global Platts via Eurometal
Image courtesy of @Pixabay via Pexels

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