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iMetal Enhancements – What would you like to see?

Continued investment in functionality for iMetal has led to enhancements like multi-length cutting with material and capacity optimization.  Following improvements in scanning and electronic documents and the addition of process planning and scheduling functionality, the Metalogic team are now looking to continue to add enhancements to the applications that will assist clients in productivity improvement and cost savings.

With such a geographically wide spread customer base it would be logistically challenging to gather ideas and suggestions for developments in a timely manner; therefore we feel that an online survey is the most appropriate way to understand your requirement.

This simple ONE QUESTION survey* will take seconds to complete yet will provide key guidelines to the team on the ideas you think would benefit your businesses most. Please rank answers in order of priority from 1 to 5.

Future clients get in touch here to learn how iMetal can benefit your business?


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