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For the first time in this generation, we are facing unprecedented challenges in regard to the global pandemic COVID-19.

As you know we are well placed to maintain and support your operations as our staff work from home and as such have been following the policies laid down by the government from day one in regard to reducing contact. To support this we have postponed our normal quarterly face to face “town halls” and have issued guidelines to our staff in relation to working from home during this difficult time.

This will not affect our service levels in regard to customer support services but may make training and professional services more difficult as this can require a face to face meeting. 

Where possible all training and meetings will be carried out by our staff via the internet. The teams are highly skilled at this, having delivered many hundreds of hours of training in this manner. They have a number of different communication tools that they can use and therefore will be able to provide you access to meetings and training sessions with little or no technical challenges. The main issue is ensuring that you have the correct audio equipment, which would normally be a headset with a microphone or a conference telephone or just a telephone with access to a quiet office and a PC/laptop linked to the internet. If you need any advice on this please contact your account manager.

In regard to face to face meetings, as part of our policies, we have an onsite risk assessment policy and this has been enhanced to cover COVID-19 policy. 

Before any face to face work on onsite visits can be authorised the request will be reviewed by a senior manager and a risk assessment carried out. This will include questions for yourselves that will cover the polices, the health status of your staff and the location where the meeting will take place. This information will be treated with the highest confidentiality and we do not need personal details just general information.

We will be contacting you on a personal basis to discuss your current situation, business continuity plans and to provide support and assistance with requirements that you may have in regard to home working, etc. 

We will not need to change any communication methods as our systems are all cloud-based and as such requires no physical attendance to re-configure or support them.

Thank you for your understanding in this challenging time. We will continue to communicate on a regular basis with any updates and changes and look out for our Spring newsletter that will have additional contact details and an update on new functionality.

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