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iMetal sees Unprecedented Growth

Since it’s launch iMetal has seen unprecedented growth in the marketplace with new and existing customers taking advantage of the cost savings and productivity benefits the system brings.

iMetal is a multi-metals product and as such has been implemented this year across the non ferrous flat rolled and general steels sectors with over ten new clients plus a number of upgrades taking place already

Two significant implementations in the aluminium sector have been Kent based Dore Metals and LA Metals in the West Midlands.  Both companies have experienced growth in the sector and with it the need to implement a system that would allow them to continue to expand and improve productivity.

Look out for future case studies to understand how iMetal is improving productivity for our customer base.


Whilst the customer base have had for a number of months the ability to view enhanced functionality through the links in their website Metalogic have decided to showcase to a wider audience the new and enhanced features available in the latest releases of iMetal.



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