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John Bear’s All for the Pituitary Foundation

John Padbury, General Manager with Metalogic Bear’d all last Friday at the company’s Christmas Town Hall meeting.

This wasn’t a long-held desire by John to get in touch with his bear side but all part of a fundraising effort for the Pituitary Foundation.  

Metalogic are part of a number of companies owned by Jonas Software who’s chosen charity this year is the Pituitary Foundation and as combined group businesses have raised an amazing £20,000! This is great news for this relatively small charity aimed at improving the lives of those affected by disorders of the pituitary gland which although rare (around 70,000 patients in the UK) misdiagnoses are a common problem and some reports suggest that many more people could have an un-diagnosed pituitary issue.  

John got more than he bear-gained for when he challenged his team to come up with fundraising ideas and the more money raised the more ‘challenging’ the outfit was to be!  Narrowly missing out on the Pikachu outfit John did take his fundraising seriously when nominated to ‘wear the Bear’ and was tasked to spend the day in it, from the moment he left the house to his arrival at the Hyatt Regency on Broad Street, Birmingham and throughout the day as he delivered and chaired the meeting! There were some interesting encounters along the way as the pictures show. 

John would like to say Many Thanks to all those who donated, it really was much appreciated.  If you feel so inspired that you would like to add to John’s fundraising efforts for this extremely worthwhile cause then please do visit his Just Giving page.

The Metalogic team also supported Christmas Jumper Day at the same meeting raising money for Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day with the winning ‘Reinbeer’ jumper being sported by Neil Webb, Customer Support Team Leader.


EUROMETAL’s unique market monitoring system is tracking EU steel distribution shipments and stocks for its two main business segments:

EU Flat SSC Distribution

EU shipments by flat SSC distribution came under pressure in September 2016 when they dipped by -3 % in a year-on-year comparison. During 3.Quarter 2016, shipments slipped down by -3% y-o-y, after a positive trend during the first half year 2016.

For the first 9 months of 2016, SSC shipments noted a rise of +2 %, year-on-year.

Stock volumes with EU SSC, when expressed in days of sales, noted 62 days in September 2016, compared with 58 days in September 2015.  In September 2016, EU Multi-Product & Proximity Stockholding Distribution noted a decrease in shipments in  main product lines, except for plates and for galvanized and other coated flats.

September shipments noted a drop of -6 % year-on-year. During 3. Quarter 2016, shipments decreased by -5 % y-o-y. Growth rate for the first 9 months 2016 lowered to +2 % in a year-on-year comparison.

Stocks of EU Multi-Product & Proximity Steel Stockholding Distribution, expressed in days of sales, reached 75 days in September 2016, compared with 72 days one year before in September 2015.

EUROMETAL is the European Federation of Steel, Tubes and Metals Distribution & Trade. EUROMETAL, on EU level, has developed over the last decade a representative and unique market monitoring system for EU steel distribution.

EU steel distribution & trade account for 5 000 companies, mostly small and medium sized enterprises, providing jobs to 110 000 people in the EU. EU steel distributors, SSC and traders are systemic players in EU steel markets, supplying 80 million tons of steel, tubes and metals to EU end use sectors. They account for more than 60 % of the supply in steel and tubes of EU manufacturing industries and of EU construction related sectors


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